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If you would like to leave a message or share your loss with others, please let us know by using the form below. A selection of messages will follow below...

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" When I lost me beloved spaniel Jamie, after him being my baby for over 15 years, I was completely devastated. It was such a blessing that I found CALLL and rang Christine whose support was like a hand clasping mine in a dark room. "



"Christine has got me through the loss of two pets. First a lovely rabbit of 14 years and then his guinea pig partner a few months later. I was devastated and felt life certainly wasn't worth living. Christine certainly knew how to keep me in contact with my animals. I am very grateful for the comfort she gave me. Her advice how to cope was invaluable."



"4 weeks ago I had to have my beloved German Shepherd Tasha put to sleep. The pain and overwhelming grief I suffered, I had to seek help and advice from someone. She was such a special part of our lives, I felt I had to speak to someone. I got in touch with Christine who is an absolutely lovely, warm and caring person who truly understands what it is like to lose a dear pet, and I would urge anyone who is going through what I am at the moment to get in touch with Christine in their time of distress."



"This is a heartfelt message to other people that have sadly lost
a dear pet. I lost my little dog 3yrs ago when I had to have him put to sleep at the grand age of 23yrs. I did not know how I was going to carry on without him at that sad time. I was so distraught that I had to seek professional help.

I was put in touch with Christine and by her speaking to me she got me
through it. Christine is such a compassionate,caring and lovely lady that I am fully advising people if they go through what I did to contact her in their time
of distress."

Sue Horwood 

"Christines support was invaluable while Barney was going through
his chemotherapy.   Her nursing background was a great advantage as she
was able to clarify many aspects of his treatment, that at the time I
stuggled to understand.   Since Barney's death I feel that the help and
support I have received has been amazing.   Christine is always there for
me regardless of how frequently I turn to her.   She continues to be
compassionate, sensitive and a wonderful friend."



"Christine was a wonderful help in my grief over losing my cat. I do not know what I would have done without her. Knowing that I could ring Christine anytime was such a comfort. It was as though I had a good friend. I also felt a lot closer to my ‘Ossie’. Others got fed up with me when I was upset, but Christine never minded how often I rang her or what I spoke about. Christine really understands."



"Probably the nicest person who I have never met. I first came into contact with Chris 2 years ago when I lost my beloved border terrier Sammy and was in a state as I blamed myself for my dog getting a neck injury from which he never recovered. I spoke to Chris a few times over the next few weeks and she helped me get over Sam and also eventually welcoming puppy Toby into my life. When I lost my other elderly dog Kerry a few months later through natural causes Chris helped me again. When I got my next pup Kaylee the first person who I rang was Christine and though she has got her own health problems she is always available for a chat and I ring her occasionally for a chat, she always wants to know about the young dogs and now I treat her as a friend."



"When my darling bunny Alfie was diagnosed with terminal cancer I really didn't know how I would get through it. Alfie was the love of my life and we had such a strong and loving bond. He was and always will be my baby boy. Chris was simply amazing during his illness and after he passed over. She helped me understand my emotions and come to terms with them. Family and friends were supportive in their own way, but Chris was undoubtedly my rock. She was one of the few who empathised, cared and fully understood the huge grief that comes with losing a beloved pet/friend/companion. What a wonderful lady - thank you from the bottom of my heart!"



"My Dog Jack (Pickle)
January 1992 – June 2007

My dog Jack was a very special dog indeed.
He was tan, white and black
All the colours you would need
for this loving mischievous breed.
As Jack got older and jaded
His colours faded, but he would forever
Remain my beautiful dog Jack.

Oh low and behold, when I first saw my
scruffy scrawny little mite,
How could I know that in no time at
All you would become my pride and joy and hearts delight.

Absolutely simply the best my dog Jack
I’d give anything to have him back.
Goodnight Pickle – I’m so lonely without you.
Wherever you are I hope you are as happy as you made me."

By Monika


"I had to put my little girl to sleep after 9 years. It's been so
hard without Penny. I would like to thank you, Christine, for what you do. You
deserve an award because you are a very special woman, thank you."

Grace  |  0115 840 0202